Classic NeoSocks Tiger BeWild Collection

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Classic NeSocks is the first high-performance sports sock designed specifically to help athletes unleash their full potential.

All NeoSocks products  They have in their construction two innovative technologies that favor the correct development of the movements that make up the sports disciplines.

· GripTechnology: consists of a highly non-slip material, which placed in certain strategic areas of our products; where there is more friction  exercises the foot, prevents it from existing no type of unnecessary movement inside the footwear.

· Comfort Technology:  NeoSocks has been made with up to 4 adjustment zones, which They maximize the flexibility of the fabric, and achieve optimal adaptation to all types of feet. 

There are already many professional athletes in different sports disciplines who trust NeosSocks in their daily lives. Both for their comfort and usefulness, and for the friendly treatment they receive from the NeoSocks family. 

Don't hesitate and join the NS family.

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